Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire
Hot Dipped Galvanized Iron Wire
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Hot dipped galvanized iron wire

Hot dipped galvanized iron wire

Suzushin has commenced sales of hot dipped galvanized iron wire that fully clears RoHS Directives on prohibited substances.
We separately measure galvanized sections and iron sections, and have successfully developed products that hold lead content below 100 ppm in galvanized sections.
Previously, it was significantly difficult to hold lead content below permissible levels in the manufacturing process for hot dipped galvanization. However, repeated adjustments to the process, through efforts by Tonan Senzai Co., Ltd. and Tianjin Huayuan Wire Products Co., Ltd. strove to make the stringent demands of our customers a priority. As a result, a product that we can offer with pride has now been completed.

Measurement Results for Each Type

Quantitative analysis results for coating film ingredients
Tested materialPart measuredMeasured value Pb (wt ppm)
Galvanized iron wireCoating (film)Less than 100
Base materialLess than 10
OverallLess than 25

*Measuring institution: Analysis Center Co., Ltd.

We are confident that customers will be pleased with the specifications, including coating amount and expansion, of our hot dipped galvanized iron wire.

Sample material test data (wire diameter 0.32 mm)
Tensile strength(N/mm²)Expansion (%)Coating amount(g/m²)
Standard value: 300-42020 or more20 or more

*Measurements: Tianjin Huayuan Wire Products Co., Ltd.

At this same plant, we are able to manufacture products of 4 to 10 combined strands according to customer needs.
(wire diameter: 0.28 mm-0.40 mm)
Feel free to send us your inquiries, as we can make a visit to deliver product information at whatever time suits your needs.

Spools handled

DuscoSpoolsApplicable wire diameterApplicationDimensionsApplicable weight
TypesTypesCollar diameterBody diameterShaft bore diameterOuter widthInner width
DB37-0.28-0.35For layered winding-use10847151061003.7
DB45-For wire mesh and other applications8230152362004.5
-ITT30355-128-313 25-30

*Please ask us in regard to other standards.

Spools handled

Let Suzushin handle sales of your piano wire, stainless wire, odd-shaped wire, standard galvanized steel wire, twisted wire, rope, and other industrial, civil engineering, logistics, and marine product materials.


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