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Privacy Policy

Suzushin Co., Ltd. (hereafter "We") implements the following measures to ensure the protection of personal information such as customer names, addresses, requests, etc.

  1. We strictly abide by laws, regulations, and other requirements regarding personal information and make every effort to protect customers' valuable information.
  2. We appropriately handle customers' personal information within the objectives described below.
    • For the purpose of specifying the party behind an inquiry.
    • For the purpose of sending requested material, necessary guidance information, and/or greetings.
    • For other purposes necessary for providing our services.
    • For the purpose of placing phone calls, sending e-mail, or sending postal mail regarding our services, sales promotions, surveys, or for sending complimentary awards.
  3. In order to appropriately handled customers' personal information, we have established internal regulations and a system for internal control. We have taken measures for employee training and for preventing unlawful access, loss, damage, modification, or leakage of customer information. We continually review these measures as we strive to safeguard customer information.
  4. We may provide customer information to subcontractors or business affiliates in order to pursue our business objectives noted above. In such cases, we select partners who sufficiently protect personal information and sign privacy contracts with these parties to ensure that appropriate and necessary measures are taken. Please note that if ordered to by a court of law, police agency, or other public institution, we may be legally required to disclose personal information to one of these public institutions.