Beryllium Copper Alloy - Corson Alloy Products
Beryllium Copper Alloy - Corson Alloy Products
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Beryllium Copper Alloy & Corson Alloy Products

We provide alloys such as beryllium copper alloy and Corson alloy, as well as metallic powders, that support high performance in aircrafts, ships, housings for submarine communications cables and relay equipment, optical devices, precision metal molds, etc.

We provide specialty metallic materials, with high electrical and thermal conductivity, used in vital components in various industry applications, such as relay equipment housings for submarine communications and electrodes for welding, in addition to our high strength beryllium copper alloy, or Corson alloy for applications that require a beryllium-free product. We have a diverse array of form factors, from block products, to formed products, wire rods, and more.

Beryllium Alloy (25)Corson Alloy
Specific gravity8.38.6
Thermal conductivity Cal/cm/sec/oC0.250.31
Electrical conductivity IACS%2227
Tensile strength N/mm²1100-1370820-900
Expansion %3-105-12
Brinell hardness (500oC)Annealing119166
(10/500kgf)Hot temperature47.5105

*We also offer specialty copper alloys, such as copper-chromium alloy, aluminum bronze, and high-strength specialty brass.

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